Monthly Archives: September 2010

RFIDs and Privacy

The rapid development in technology has seen the advent of several products which put our personal privacy at risk. The RFID is one such product in which privacy is a cause for great concern. While these devices are a wonderful development for tracking and tracing products, in the wrong hands and with the wrong intent, they…
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Password Management Protocol in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox the popular web browser has a very useful feature where it remembers your user names and passwords for sites visited. This is an excellent tool which pops up and requests if the user wants the browser to remember both the user name and password used for any site which requires login credentials. Needless to say…
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Application Security (ATMs)

I have long been wary of the security of Automated Teller Machines and have never owned an ATM card. ATMs seem like an afterthought and as such they are insecure in many ways. It is not uncommon to see them dropped here and there or stuck onto the side of a bank leaving users exposed…
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