Monthly Archives: June 2013

Keeping Information Private on The Internet

Today everyone is on the internet, passing information back and forth.  Information sent in a simple email may travel through several servers on its way to each recipient, and every server which it passes through is an opportunity for someone to spy on your message. Likewise, information which you enter in a website may pass…
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Security Considerations When Purchasing a New Machine

So you have decided to purchase a new computer.  These days that could be a regular personal computer, a laptop, a tablet device and a smartphone. Some smartphones are capable of  doing the same as the larger computers. Whatever the device, you need to consider how to operate that device safely and securely and to…
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June 2013 Chapter Meeting

The Chapter Meeting for June 2013 will be on Thursday June 13 at 6PM at the Boabab Towers in Warrens. We will have a review of the recently concluded Central Bank of Barbados conference, which we participated in.
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