SIFTincSm2SIFT INC. is the first company dedicated to Computer Forensics and Information Security in the Eastern Caribbean. We attract smart CEOs, business owners, and decision makers to our specialised services because we provide the best in Computer Forensic and Information Security practices across the region.
Since SIFT INC. was formed in 2009, we have offered expertise in the fields of Computer Forensics and Information Security, with a primary objective to raise awareness about these infant but important disciplines throughout the Caribbean.
Since 2009, SIFT INC. has continued to develop it’s portfolio while investing in both, the education of personnel and the quality of our equipment. This initiative has propelled us to proudly be the only EnCE Accredited company within the eastern Caribbean. This prestigious qualification not only portrays Computer Forensics Excellence, but it demonstrates the overall culture of quality, which eminates throughout the company and continues to drive us towards the future.

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