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Data privacy is an established discipline which deals with the protection of people’s personal information, to protect the individuals themselves. Information about people’s ethnicity, religion, gender, political affiliations, nationality, diseases, physical disabilities, age, and other things, can be used to unfairly target or persecute people. Information related to a person’s financial status, workplace, place of residence, banking information, national identifiers, and biometric information can also be used to perform ID theft and other crimes against persons. Data privacy regulations thus try to influence how such information is collected, protected, shared, and disposed of. Data privacy is a practice heavily reliant on laws and regulations, and as such has traditionally been championed by legal practitioners. Data security (which can be considered to be essentially the data aspect of Information Security), on the other hand, relates to the protection of data. Particularly, it deals with the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.…

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